Meet the Dealer – Antony Roe & Deana Moore

Describe your business?

We are two sole traders who are also married. Our online business covers a range of original prints, paintings and art books of the twentieth century.  Deana has just branched out into modern ceramics. We have also loaned work to museums for special shows and supplied museums such as the Pompidou Centre with JPEGS of a rare exhibition catalogue for publication in a book for a Braque Show. Prices range from £15 upwards. Something for everyone.  People can visit us in Blackheath/Greenwich by appointment.

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Meet the Dealer – James Manning

Describe your Business:
Manning Fine Art deals in British Art. We have several specialist areas, twentieth century British art being our main focus. As well as the more obvious areas of Modern British Art we have a strong showing of posters and design, including architectural designs, and – often stepping outside the twentieth century – we have many views of Oxford and Cambridge too.
Founded in 2014 by James Manning and Claire Richards, an art historian, we deal from home, in London SE1, and from our website as well as from fairs.

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Meet the Dealer – Ted Few

I’m excited about exhibiting at the Mall Galleries. In all these decades of taking part in antiques fairs I’ve never felt the need or desire to specialise, but Connect caught my attention because of its intention to be accessible, fresh and less grand than several of the more established shows. It’s an event born of enthusiasm and a sense of adventure, and designed to elicit a similar response in its visitors.

Given that I’ve spent the past fifty years acquiring and then attempting to find homes for my indulgences it will be refreshing to appear as an art dealer. I will be bringing a broad cross-section of idiosyncratic works and, because of the unusual design of the stand, am hoping that, however diverse, everything will hang together well: modern British pictures, eighteenth and nineteenth century frames, classic drawings, sculpture, old master paintings and even naive art. It probably sounds a bit of a dog’s dinner but I’ll enjoy hanging it and hope to meet a few people to whom individual elements of the conglomeration will appeal.




Meet the Dealer – Jeffrey Stone

Describe your business?

Stamford Fine Art / Jeffrey Stone is a Modern British Art dealer in London, UK, specializing in paintings, sculpture and other British Modern arts by artists from 1900 onwards.

How much do you enjoy art fairs?

We have only done the one in recent years but the Connect Art Fair is to be the start of a more regular attendance for us at such events. We are very much looking forward to meeting both new and old clients and of course our fellow dealers. Continue reading “Meet the Dealer – Jeffrey Stone”

Meet the Dealer – Kathryn Bell

  Describe your business?

I worked as an art consultant when I first left University and that still forms a part of the work that I do. I lived in Japan in the 90’s and set up a non-profit making exchange programme between the UK and Japan and was based in some artists’ studios in Tokyo. I also began to work with some galleries there and quite a few of the artists I work with now I met then.  I show my mix of contemporary Japanese and British artists through Asia and at fairs in the UK, Europe and the States.  Whilst I was working as an art consultant I got to work with and know the late Julian Lax and my interest in Modern British, specifically printmaking and works on paper, began; dealing in and showing Modern British is an important aspect of my work and the shows I put on.   Continue reading “Meet the Dealer – Kathryn Bell”

Meet the Dealer – Megan Thompson

Describe your business?

Thompson’s Gallery was set up by mother and father in the early 1980’s. Back then they specialised in Victorian watercolours and Antique Furniture but shifted to representing contemporary works in the early 90’s when clients began to feel more confident in buying ‘alive’ artists. I believe this was largely influenced by the Young British Artists movement. We have since represented a range of artists, many Scottish painters influence by the Scottish Colourists. We champion painting and figurative sculpture as we believe in the timelessness of a good work!

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