Meet the Dealer – Antony Roe & Deana Moore

Describe your business?

We are two sole traders who are also married. Our online business covers a range of original prints, paintings and art books of the twentieth century.  Deana has just branched out into modern ceramics. We have also loaned work to museums for special shows and supplied museums such as the Pompidou Centre with JPEGS of a rare exhibition catalogue for publication in a book for a Braque Show. Prices range from £15 upwards. Something for everyone.  People can visit us in Blackheath/Greenwich by appointment.

How much do you enjoy art fairs?

Art Fairs are a great place to meet interesting people/collectors and to get to know other colleagues better. They are hard work and tiring but we find them enjoyable. We haven’t exhibited for a three years so really looking forward to exhibiting our new stock.

Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Deana: I wanted to be a potter. However, after seeing David Hockney’s  solo exhibition at the Whitechapel in 1970, I organised my brother and we produced a lot of drawings which we hung up in a bedroom and charged an entrance fee to our parents to sell our art work.

Tony: I wanted to be a minor character in the ‘Bash Street Kids’.

Your favourite artwork is?
Too difficult a choice. I usually buy what I like. I have to believe in what I sell.
Tony: Business and pleasure should not be confused.The rewards of looking at a Rembrandt are different to looking at a potato.The rewards of selling a Rembrandt are the same as selling a potato.A good painting and a good potato can speak for themselves.A good painting needs only follow its internal logic.Only the artist knows when that logic is broken.When the logic is followed you only need to look to see it.I could do this all day as I don’t really do any work.

Life in Bloomsbury or feet up in Blackheath?

No regrets now. Commuting every day is expensive and tiring. Every quarterly when the rent and rates were due could be stressful. Now we can have our coffee breaks in the garden, have a social life around our work. Go to auctions in the country. We still work tirelessly, even in Blackheath/Greenwich.