Meet the Dealer – Ted Few

I’m excited about exhibiting at the Mall Galleries. In all these decades of taking part in antiques fairs I’ve never felt the need or desire to specialise, but Connect caught my attention because of its intention to be accessible, fresh and less grand than several of the more established shows. It’s an event born of enthusiasm and a sense of adventure, and designed to elicit a similar response in its visitors.

Given that I’ve spent the past fifty years acquiring and then attempting to find homes for my indulgences it will be refreshing to appear as an art dealer. I will be bringing a broad cross-section of idiosyncratic works and, because of the unusual design of the stand, am hoping that, however diverse, everything will hang together well: modern British pictures, eighteenth and nineteenth century frames, classic drawings, sculpture, old master paintings and even naive art. It probably sounds a bit of a dog’s dinner but I’ll enjoy hanging it and hope to meet a few people to whom individual elements of the conglomeration will appeal.


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