Meet the Dealer – Sue Blacker

Describe your business?
The great majority of pictures and works of art that I present will have an animal or bird featuring prominently. The pastoral theme, and the relationship between mankind and the natural world is often present in works you might find at Fox House Fine Art. I don’t buy anything that I wouldn’t display in my own home.

How much do you enjoy art fairs?
Fairs are always a challenge, and particularly for ‘sole traders’, but I keep coming back so I think this fact provides my answer.
Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I was besotted with horses as a child, and remember responding to that question, which usually came after ‘Do you like school?’ with ‘A riding instructor’. I also loved painting and drawing, and the art teacher at my secondary school inspired an interest in History of Art, leading to a degree course at East Anglia University. During a term in Venice I drove my tutor and fellow students mad by pointing out that Carpaccio painted lions rather well, that Veronese’s hunting dogs were full of character, or that Uccello had obviously never taken the trouble to actually look at a horse. I can now put all that formerly useless information to good effect.
Your favourite artwork is?
This tends to change with the decades, in my teens it was Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, and in my twenties Marcel Duchamp’s Urinal. Duchamp didn’t do animals, so that obviously wasn’t going to last.
My current favourite is a picture I am lucky enough to have inherited, which is an oil of the hurdler Persian War, three time winner of the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham, trained by my father, Colin Davies. Originally painted in 1969 by Susan Crawford, for the Injured Jockey’s Fund annual Christmas card, it became the property of the artist’s parents, and was then bought by my parents some years later. It is full of action and a perfect piece of family history to own.
A reliable wire haired terrier or a glossy springer spaniel?
Neither of those, I am a dedicated whippet person.


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