Meet the Dealer – Kelly Ross

Describe Your Business?

My gallery is situated on an organic farm in a beautiful part of North Dorset, with a view to Hambledon Hill.  There is a little hub of businesses including a farm shop, cafe and glass blower.  The gallery exhibits contemporary and Modern British paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics.

How much do you enjoy Art Fairs?

We don’t do a lot of art fairs, so am very much looking forward to Connect, and to presenting a selection of what the gallery shows in Dorset.

Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I grew up in the Lake District, so hardly saw a painting during my whole childhood.  It was on my gap year when I lived in Paris, attended the John Hall History of Art course in Venice, worked in London and spent time in Toronto, when I started to look at paintings, and looking back that is what spent that whole year doing and have continued to do so ever since. 

Your favourite art work is?

And that is such a difficult question, but just having recalled my year off, I’m remembering loving the Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven painters that I saw in Toronto.  Small, sensual, jewel like paintings.  And one of my artists, Tobit Roche, went to art school in Toronto, and his work has some of those qualities.

Dorset Cream Tea – is that jam first or cream?

Always jam.


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