Meet the Dealer – Kathryn Bell

  Describe your business?

I worked as an art consultant when I first left University and that still forms a part of the work that I do. I lived in Japan in the 90’s and set up a non-profit making exchange programme between the UK and Japan and was based in some artists’ studios in Tokyo. I also began to work with some galleries there and quite a few of the artists I work with now I met then.  I show my mix of contemporary Japanese and British artists through Asia and at fairs in the UK, Europe and the States.  Whilst I was working as an art consultant I got to work with and know the late Julian Lax and my interest in Modern British, specifically printmaking and works on paper, began; dealing in and showing Modern British is an important aspect of my work and the shows I put on.  

  How much do you enjoy art fairs?

When they go well I love to do them of course; they are often quite intense but I think stretch you in a particular way.  I return to the same group of fairs each year and they each have a very distinct character which is fascinating. ‘Connect’ I’m sure will be a very positive addition to our programme of fairs.

 Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I was very unfocused; just feeling I wanted to do something I enjoyed, was varied and didn’t have me watching the clock. So, yes!

 Your favourite artwork is?

The two artists that sent me off in the direction of SOAS for post graduate studies were Brancusi and Modigliani. I would choose the 1918 portrait of his wife Jeanne (where she’s sitting slightly sideways on a chair). Complex and simple; I began to look in depth at the African art that inspired these artists.

Tokyo, Kyoto or Hampstead Heath?

It’s like having to choose between your children! Kyoto and Hampstead Heath are immediately and obviously beautiful but my choice would be the enigmatic Tokyo. Much gets ‘Lost in Translation’ but you have to give it time and you will fall in love with a city that holds so many surprises behind the concrete jungle, the neon lights and the ancient Temples and Palaces. :


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