Meet the Dealer – Niall Fairhead

Describe your business?

Christina and I work from our home in North London and we deal in works by “Modern Masters” – prints, sculptures, ceramics and drawings.  Most of these can be seen on our website. We exhibit at a number of Art Fairs and provide complete shows to Partner Galleries. Recently we have loaned a group of Picasso  and Pissarro drawings and prints to the Lightbox Museum in Woking for their major shows.  We are “user friendly” people with a large stock ….. and a sense of humour.

How much do you enjoy art fairs?

It’s always fun to meet new people. At Art Fairs you find all sorts from Cabinet Ministers to Rockstars to Taxi drivers (sometimes the most interesting).  The Fairs can be very hard work ….. but very rewarding too.,

Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

My early career was in the Export and Shipping business and my hobby was collecting Dark Ages Coins.  I fell into Art Dealing in my 30’s – a Happy Accident. Being Self-Self-Employed was always a dream – I was never happy as a “Big Company” man.

Your favourite artwork is?

I love the large Picasso Linocuts depicting Jacqueline and Francois. Probably the best of the bunch is “Portrait of a woman with a hat” made in 1962 (Bloch 1072). The dramatic use of colour and the exhuberent style I find really “rocks my boat”

Singapore River or Shanghai Harbour?

I’ve been to both and must go for Singapore. The Cafes, Bars and Restaurants  around Fishermans Wharf are a whole lot of fun. As for Shanghai Harbour… its a long way up river and full of container ships and technology. Can’t say it does a lot for me.


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