Meet the Dealer – John Iddon

Describe your business?

Modern British: from 1930’s to the present. Royal Academicians but also a lot of promising new young artists.

How much do you enjoy art fairs?

Socially they’re very nice, but even nicer if one’s selling a lot!

Is this what you wanted to be when you grew up?

No, when I grew up I wanted to be an artist, and I’d be promoting my own work if it wasn’t so awful.

Your favourite artwork is?

I give talks for the Arts Society, so I have many favourite paintings, but last year I gave a lot of tours of the Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain, and you’ve got to admit that Mr and Mrs Ossie Clarke and Percy is pretty good! If I could nick it from the Tate I’d quite like to sell it at this Fair, but that might get me into trouble.

Cutting edge –  Royal Academy Schools or Royal College of Art?

I’d rather the question was Liverpool or Chelsea, in which case I’d choose Liverpool – they show great artistry.


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079 0167 1939